Suppliers Improve Balance Sheet With Supply Chain Finance & APVelocity

APVelocity all-in-one program for e-payments, payment processing, e-invoicing and early pay to benefit the entire supply chain. It lets buyers pay later while suppliers get paid earlier, using APVelocity as the funding source. Suppliers improve balance sheet by unlocking the cash otherwise trapped in invoices, and put that cash to work.

Keys Benefits

  • APVelocity helps improve Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) – you can pick and choose invoices for early pay, putting you in complete control
  • Funds from approved invoices are immediately deposited into your account
  • There are no recurring fees – you take a one-time discount on an invoice that you select for early pay
  • There’s no recourse burden – once the invoice is paid to you, there are no additional fees
  • There’s no credit check, and all you need to get paid is invoice approval from your customer
  • It’s not a loan – it’s not accounted for as debt and it has no impact on your existing credit lines
  • There’s no risk – taking immediate payment ensures you get paid right away, so there’s no worry that you might not get paid down the road
  • The rate of discount on your invoices is much lower than either factoring or bank loans
  • Our onboarding expertise you realize benefits quickly, and our support services ensure your questions are promptly answered
  • Supply chain finance offers more flexibility, is easier to manage and is more cost-effective to suppliers compared to pcards or vcards.