APVelocity and Supply Chain Finance Help Improve Balance Sheets for Buyers

APVelocity is an all-in-one program for e-payments, e-invoicing and early pay to benefit the entire supply chain. It lets buyers pay later while suppliers get paid earlier, using APVelocity as the funding source.  APVelocity shares supplier discounts for early pay with the buyer, helping to improve the balance sheet and lower supply chain risk.

Keys Benefits of Supply Chain Finance for Buyers

  • No bank or other funding source required – APVelocity provides the capital
  • No debt is incurred – the supplier is selling their receivables
  • Optimizes Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) to increase free cash flow while the supplier gets to improve its Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), reducing costs and liquidity risks in the supply chain
  • Onboarding expertise helps bring suppliers onboard quickly so both buyers and sellers realize benefits
  • Platform agnostic – no need to change the platform you’re using today; simply add APVelocity’s “Pay Me Now” option
  • Streamlines the AP process by reducing unwanted calls and emails from suppliers
  • Supports different payment terms for different types of suppliers
  • Reduces disputes and improves reconciliation processes
  • Financial controls and compliance – APVelocity utilizes SSAE 16 SOC1 Type 1 compliant processes, providing users the confidence they need
  • Dedicated credit department to reduce liquidity risk – Our credit team is equipped with latest investigation systems and access to all major credit databases including D&B, OFAC, Thompson-Reuters and state/county lien search databases
  • Focus on customer experience – We offer an opt-in feature that allows suppliers and buyers an easy way to manage and control their working capital